Traveling With the Wind, Exploring the World



One Man, One Sailboat, and One Simple Dream…

Nothing but a simple story and a dream. I’m a photographer and filmmaker with an unconventional lifestyle. In love with outdoors and wildlife, I have been dreaming since childhood to have a sailboat, or a camping van to travel as much as I can, searching for amazing places and people to photograph and film. And it started to take contour in 2015, when mostly by mistake, I ended up buying a sailboat, and decided to move and live aboard.

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Disaster at Sea, a Family Tragedy
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These past days I have got some really bad news, about people I know, and love that have died in a tragic boat accident. I can’t even describe in words what’s in my heart and my head these past days. There were eleven people on the boat celebrating Father’s Day, just like any other family out there. From all... Read More

Dave Welsford and Lizzy Belle
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One of the most inspiring stories for me was from Dave Welsford and his beautiful wooden sailboat Lizzy Belle. I found the video about his story soon after I moved on my first sailboat and decided to live aboard. At that time though, I felt for a while like a gypsy on a floating tent. And that’s because I... Read More

Life Aboard, Preparing For the Atlantic Crossing
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It’s been eight months or more now, since I left “SV Freedom” at the Miami Yacht Club. I finally made it back after so long missing the boat and sailing. I was totally out of patience for the last few months, and the exciting part is that meanwhile… I managed to sale “SV Freedom”, and I ended up buying... Read More

Just a Quick Video Update
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It’s been about eight months since I posted another video. And that for a good reason… I was again gone working hard on a cruise ship, to make things happen. My plans changed while I was away, and I decided to sail around the world. For that I needed another boat, more sea worthy than the Grampian… and that’s... Read More