Ciprian Popica | Director, DP, Filmmaker, Photographer



Ciprian is a Romanian photographer and filmmaker, originally from Brasov ( Transylvania ), currently based in Miami – FL. With a special attraction for outdoors, travel, adventure and wildlife photography, or documentary films, Ciprian has been working in many other fields as well like: music videos, corporate videos, promos, biography films, weddings, etc. But he also likes to spend a lot of time working on his independent photography and film projects. He is known for DSLR filmmaking and his travel photos and documentary films.

Ciprian made his first steps in the artistic world studying music in Brasov, his Transylvanian hometown. But his first passion was photography, and he got that from his dad, while he was really young, and he managed to steal that passion and carry it on. Later on he got very close to theater and film, thanks to his friends and a “crazy” ( in a good way ) theater teacher that totally changed his life. From now on, Ciprian was very interested about the film world as well, and he simply fall in love with the Canon DSLR cameras with video capabilities, when these came out on the market.

After working for a while for his good friend’s Video Production Company, he decided to start on his own, working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. He spent lots of time working on his independent photography and film projects. While he started working on his first feature film “Dead End”, he discovered that independent films in Romania at that time were not an easy thing to do. And that project failed because of a bad sponsorship. That was when he discovered the documentary films, an easy way of making films with a low budget, and a small number of crew, or no crew at all. That’s why the big attraction for the documentary films. Since then, he planned and started working on many photographic and film projects for the years to come, while also working for his clients, or collaborating with other photographers and filmmakers for different projects.

He is also sharing all the knowledge from his past, good and bad experiences as a photographer and filmmaker, on his Photography and Filmmaking Blog page. A resource for Photographers and Independent Filmmakers, where they can learn the craft of Photography and Independent Filmmaking, and how to start their business in these fields.