Disaster at Sea, a Family Tragedy

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These past days I have got some really bad news, about people I know, and love that have died in a tragic boat accident. I can’t even describe in words what’s in my heart and my head these past days. There were eleven people on the boat celebrating Father’s Day, just like any other family out there. From all eleven, three of them never made it back home alive. It’s horrible to think how a happy day where you are … Read More

Dave Welsford and Lizzy Belle

One of the most inspiring stories for me was from Dave Welsford and his beautiful wooden sailboat Lizzy Belle. I found the video about his story soon after I moved on my first sailboat and decided to live aboard. At that time though, I felt for a while like a gypsy on a floating tent. And that’s because I was not used to the lifestyle. And it did took me a while to get used to that. Well his movie … Read More

Life Aboard, Preparing For the Atlantic Crossing

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It’s been eight months or more now, since I left “SV Freedom” at the Miami Yacht Club. I finally made it back after so long missing the boat and sailing. I was totally out of patience for the last few months, and the exciting part is that meanwhile… I managed to sale “SV Freedom”, and I ended up buying “SV Anastasia”. A Pearson Triton build in 1960, that makes me really happy and proud to have her. an amazing and … Read More

Just a Quick Video Update

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It’s been about eight months since I posted another video. And that for a good reason… I was again gone working hard on a cruise ship, to make things happen. My plans changed while I was away, and I decided to sail around the world. For that I needed another boat, more sea worthy than the Grampian… and that’s how I decided to make some changes. I will write and talk more in the next articles about all the plans … Read More

Back to The Sailboat

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Finally after seven months away from the sailboat, I was back on board. Here is just a quick update after the first week or so… It’s been lots to do on the boat, fixing and cleaning. Electrical didn’t work well anymore… that’s why you have this strange and roughly edited video. I was really sad to find her full of mold, bottom not cleaned, lots of things missing from her, especially after the entire duration of the contract on the … Read More

The First Sailing Adventure

I have to admit that, as soon as I moved to Miami, I spent days and days looking at the ocean, thinking about my old dreams of sailing blue oceans. Of course I thought it’s something crazy, and it will never happen. But I still loved spending hours at the beach, admiring the ocean and dreaming. At the end, dreams are something that no one can take away from you. It’s funny how life is playing tricks to you, and … Read More

I Bought My First Sailboat

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Here is a video that I made in 2015 when I first got the sailboat. “Freedom” known as ex “Transeau”, a twenty six feet Grampian that I purchased from a young Canadian sailor that sailed her with his friend from Canada to Florida in the summer of 2014. Sailing and living aboard a sailboat… what a paradise, and what a dream. This is the trip I’ve made from Glades Boat Storage to Miami, where I anchored at the Miami Yacht … Read More