Ciprian Popica

Sailing To Discover The World

An amazing adventure that started in 2014 almost by mistake, from the desire to sail alone around the world.

Ciprian Popica


Ciprian Popica

I’m a sailor, filmmaker and photographer, born in Romania on September 4th 1980. Don’t get excited as I’m not famous, I’m just a simple man. I spent my childhood in Marcus, a small village near Brasov, in Covasna County. I live a very simple life, but I always had the desire to sail alone around the world. Out at sea is where I feel at home. This amazing adventure started back in 2014 nearly by mistake. I’m planning to return on water and follow my dream of sailing around the world alone. Most likely not just once…


Thanks to people like you, willing to help me continue this amazing adventure, I was able to do things I only dreamed about in the past.


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