Ciprian Popica


A Few Words About Me


Welcome… I’m Ciprian Popica, a full time landscape photographer and YouTube creator.

I fell in love with photography when I was about 6 years old, before my dad passed away. What caught my eye right away besides watching him taking photos, was processing the black and white film. I was amazed seeing all those photos come out onto the photographic paper. I will never forget the time I spent with him inside his improvised darkroom in the attic.

A few years later I discovered my grandparents photos collection, some taken before 1910. That is when I knew I was hooked to photography. To me even today in a digital world, photography it’s like a time travel machine. That is the reason why sometimes a simple photo that means nothing to someone, it means the world to me even if it’s not fine art.


I only started taking photos around the age of 14. It was almost summer, and mom got me a photo camera as a present. Not at all a fancy camera, just a basic point and shoot film camera. To me though, it was priceless. I do remember I was not happy at all about the way I shot the first two rolls of film. The photos were not even close to what I was hoping to end up with.

That’s because the photos didn’t had “soul” as I like to say. I realized that I have to learn way more about photography. The inspiration were of course the old photos I had from my grandparents. Those photos were not just simple images, they were telling an entire story in one single frame.

With a new roll of Kodak Gold 200 in the camera, I knew that I only have 36 frames to create long lasting memories that can tell a story. The results were way better. I still have those beautiful portraits of my grandparents. That is when I started to really understand photography.


Photography was nothing but a simple hobby for many years. Back in 2003 though, while I started working on a cruise ship in US, I decided to actually buy my first serious photo camera. I ended up spending all my savings on a Nikon F65 SLR film camera together with two lens.

With the help of a few photography books, my skills improved a lot. I noticed that, when the photo manager asked me if I would like to work as a part time photographer. That was also the time when I discovered what I don’t like in photography. Shooting the same thing every single day, made me realize that being a photographer it was not at all what I thought it would be.

The more I was working as a photographer, the less joy I had taking photos, comparing to what it felt like in the past, when I was simply enjoying the moment.


Disappointed working as a photographer, I ended up moving towards video instead. I made all sort of videos as a freelancer for many years, I worked for a studio, I went back on cruise ships making travel videos. Still something was missing. I think it was around 2018 when I took this photo of the Bucegi Mountains and I thought to myself… this is what was missing.

It feels good having a camera in my hand. I used to photograph nearly anything, not just travel or landscapes. Portraits, boudoir, street photography, corporate… but there is something about landscape photography that makes me feel free, and I think it’s because I’m always outdoors.

This is why at the end of the summer of 2021, I decided to only concentrate on landscape photography. I’m may not create fine art photographs all the time. I just love sharing the passion for photography and the beauty I see around me with you and my fellow photographers.

I will start small, with little gear, as the idea is to remember all the skills on taking stunning photos. I just want to improve what I already know the best I can. Most photos for now will be taken on digital cameras, but I have a feeling I will also return to film photography at some point.

FOLLOW ME in to the outdoors to capture the most beautiful landscapes.