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A few words about me and the "Traveling With The Wind" adventure. In 2015 I bought the first sailboat and decided to move permanently aboard to sail around the world.

Ciprian Popica

Ciprian Popica

sailor | photographer | filmmaker | writer

I’m a freelance photographer filmmaker and writer, passionate about sailing. In 2015 I bought the first sailboat and decided to permanently move aboard to sail around the world and document the journey.

I was born in Brasov, on September 4th 1980. I spent most of my childhood with my grandparents in Marcus, a small village in Covasna County. Strange for a child raised in the mountains and playing in the woods all day, to fall in love with the ocean. But I’m not the only one, and at the bottom of the page you will find three more Romanian navigators, two of them also originally from Brasov.

Traveling With The Wind

I spent my childhood reading books and watching movies about adventures and explorers. No wonder I’ve always wanted to sail around the world. I still remember the first visit to the Black Sea, around the age of nine. It was love at first sight. Mom was not very happy about my attraction for the sea, and my desire of spending my life at sea.

I have always been amazed by Francis Chichester’s book about his voyage around the world aboard Gipsy Moth IV. Then a little later I discovered Yves Gelinas’s documentary about his adventure around the world aboard Jean Du Sud. In 1988, I remember a neighbor letting me secretly listen to the recorded BBC Radio shows ( it was illegal in Romania at the time ) about Jimmy Cornell and his journey around the world aboard Aventura. This is how almost thirty years have passed in which the desire to be on the ocean burned in me.

I started with small steps and a job on cruise ships. It felt good to always be on the ocean, but I didn’t had the adventure and freedom. I met wonderful people, but it felt the same as the communism in Romania before 89 ‘. At one point in 2014, I made the decision to move to Miami. In a short time, almost by mistake, I managed to fulfill my thirty years dream of having my own sailboat.

In my first voyage aboard, I sailed for almost a month. At the time, I enjoyed reading Teresa Carey‘s articles on sailing and life aboard a small sailboat. I liked my month-long trip so much, that on arrival I immediately decided to permanently move aboard the sailboat. A little later, I decided to try to fulfill another dream … sailing alone around the world.

The rest … will follow in the blog posts.

There are many others, but these are closer to my heart, mostly Romanians.