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My Camera Gear For Landscape Photography In 2021

Landscape Photography Gear For 2021

Some photographers always say that gear doesn’t matter, but always shoot on expensive gear. I also agree with them, but I also implemented this. I will sure end up stepping up the game and also replace the gear I use, to make my life and my workflow easier. But for now, this is my camera gear for landscape photography in 2021.

Canon EOS M50

Currently my main photography camera. I do hope to replace it with a Fujifilm X-T4, I just love that camera. My budget though, does not have the same opinion as I do ( ha ). I also have another M50 that I use for video as my main camera.

Canon EOS 550D

The Canon EOS 550D was for a long time a good trusted partner, so it’s hard to get rid of it. I still have it as spare camera that I use mostly for video when I don’t need auto focus.

Canon EF 50mm f1.4

One of my favorite lens for any kind of photography, not necessary landscape photography. This one is never missing from my photo bag.

Canon EF 50mm f1.8

My spare 50mm lens. I use them with the 550D for video most of the time. Sometimes though I also use them for photo when I must pack small and light.

Samyang 35mm f1.4

Even if they only have manual focus, these lens are also one of my favorites at the moment. I used them a lot in the past for many video projects. It seems that they are also great lens for landscape photography.

Canon EF-M 15-45mm f3.5-6.3

I rarely use these lens for photography, except when sometimes I do want a wide shot. Mostly I just use them to film the videos. They have quiet and fast focus for video and I really like that.

Lens Adaptor EF-M / EF / EF-S

I never liked when new cameras come out on the market with another type of lens mount. I know the idea is to sell more products, so to fix that issue I purchased the adaptor in order to use the EF / EF-S lens.

Lens ND and Polarizer Filters

Always useful in landscape photography. I will sure need to invest more in filters and also lens. For now I just have a set of ND filters and Polarizer filters for the lens I use. 

Tascam DR-60D Recorder

I don’t use the recorder much, as most of the time I connect the microphone straight into the camera. Sometimes though, I find it really useful. Especially when I want to record sound separately, or just use it to record podcasts and voice overs.

Rode Video Microphone

This is the original microphone that you can buy. I’m actually using a modified version that I designed to fit my needs. I also made a custom wind protection cover that works like a charm.

LED Light

Just a simple no brand LED light that I use for videos. I also made custom modifications for this one, this way I can power it from all sort of DC power sources. I also have different color filters for the front panel.

F&D DC100 LED Light

This is an old video light that I sometimes use for video. I also modified this one as well. Originally it’s a halogen light, but I replaced the halogen light with LED. I also replaced the power source and connection.

Insta360 One X2

For me I think this one is the best action camera so far, also waterproof. I use it a lot in videos, especially in bad weather, or just to give a different perspective to the videos. This is also my “drone” in many of the videos.

Tripod - Fancier WT3716

I had this cheap tripod in case I need it for video, if I was shooting alone with two cameras.  A tripod is essential in great landscape photos, so this is what I use for now. I will replace it soon with a proper photography tripod that is more robust, lighter and stable.

Microfiber Lens Cloth

Just a regular microfiber cloth that I use to wipe the lens glass. I have many of them in all corners of my photo bag.

Dust Brush

I was using an air blower in the past, but sometimes I find it easier and faster to clean the lens faster and easier and even better with a simple paint brush. I have another one that I use for general cleaning of all my photo gear.

I will talk more about the gear I use and also about the reason why I’m using this gear, in a future video and also an article on the blog. There are a lot of things to talk about that ill help a lot of photographers making their first steps into photography.