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A small photo gallery with photos taken in my first adventure sailing to Cuba. The first 1000 miles.

When I started this adventure, I wasn’t planning on sailing to Cuba at first. Initially the plan was to sail to the Bahamas and prepare the boat a little better during a three months stay. After that the plan was to continue to Guatemala for a longer stop and final preparations, before sailing around the world. As usually in life, plans on paper never match the reality. That is how instead of the Bahamas, I ended up sailing to Cuba. I still don’t regret that, as I had the chance to meet wonderful people that today are my friends. The part I do regret, is that because of many financial issues back then, I had to sell Anastasia.

The most heartbreaking decision I had to take at that point. But like in any other good story, what seems to be an end, is just the beginning of a new adventure. Here you have the only photos taken on a phone and I managed to save from an old broken hard drive. But it’s ok, as the adventure will continue at some point. The first stop I will make will be Cuba, just because I want to see again those wonderful people, before continuing my journey around the world. Meanwhile I was happy to spend some time home in Romania, close to my family and my friends. I’ve away from them for many years anyway.

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